Thursday, October 19, 2006

Desperately Seeking Douchebags

Those crazy kids over at Gawker have recently expanded their public service by creating a Douchebag Hall of Fame (BTW, according to Microsoft Word, "Douchebag" is two words, i.e. "Douche Bag"). This is a great idea and sure to provide hours of the highest form of Edutainment. However, they refuse to include "any run-of-the-mill douchebag; we want top notch douchebags, whose notoriety has come via the wonder of the Internet. "
I believe that run-of-the-mill Douchebags (or Douche Bags) deserve thier moment to shine. So, in a selfless act of generosity (which is in no way a desperate attempt to get some comments up in this blog), I would like to open up the comments section of this post to those of you who know someone who is worthy of Douchebag (or Douche Bag) recognition, but does not qualify for Gawker's high-falutin' "Douchebag Hall of Fame."

Not sure what to write? Here, I'll get you started.

Dear Tedious Charm, I would like to nominate to the Douchebag (or Douche Bag) Hall of Mediocrity every boyfriend I ever had before I met my husband. I would also like to nominate anyone who read the previous sentence and sinckered, "Well, THAT'S a short list."

See? It's easy.

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Hooker said...

way ahead of you, man.